Duration of the project: 01.06.2023-31.05.2027

Participants: 10 EU countries, 14 organizations

General objective of PIECES

The main purpose of the PIECES project is to adapt and implement existing evidence-based programmes to improve implementation out outcomes and by that, improve reach and effectiveness of primary prevention programmes in real-world settings. We will address a wide range of risk factors and focus on the specific behaviour change mechanisms that promote healthy behaviours associated with a reduction of cancer incidence among the European Union (EU) population and beyond. The main modifiable risk factors that we are aiming to tackle in the project include:

1) Tobacco smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke;

2) Alcohol consumption;

3) Poor physical activity;

4) HPV Infection;

5) Sun exposure;

6) Diet.

We will  test PCP programmes for their effectiveness; the focus is on implementation processes and outcomes.


Specific objectives of PIECES

  • To develop a comprehensive repository of evidence-based primary prevention interventions for cancer, including detailed information about their theory of change, working mechanisms, implementation practices, and appraisal of the supporting evidence-base of their effectiveness.
  • To develop an evidence-informed generic process for adapting primary prevention programmes to local settings without compromising their effectiveness.
  • To develop an integrated community-guided toolkit for selecting and adapting primary prevention programmes and developing tailored implementation strategies; the so called: Primary Cancer Prevention Implementation Toolkit (PCP-IT).
  • To explore the feasibility and effectiveness of PCP-IT in terms of implementation outcomes and study the process by which these outcomes came about.
  • To continuously improve the PCP-IT based on the learnings.

To disseminate PCP-IT, the best practices around implementation and produce policy-level recommendations.